Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muddy Puddles

Campbell has become somewhat obsessed with Peppa Pig lately. It seems that Nick Jr. only owns about 5 different episodes so I've pretty much memorized them all, but thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind.

Second on her list of favorite things are her boots. My cousin has a 4-year-old and they have been kind enough to send hand-me-downs to Campbell. In the last batch were a pair of Hello Kitty rain boots. Campbell would wear them every day if she could. I guess that's the bright side to living in Louisiana, land of the monsoons. We went through at least a month where it rained every afternoon. Our carport which got converted into a play area so we could at least get out of the house and those boots are the only things that kept us from going crazy.

Combine some inspiration from Peppa along with one pair of rain boots and you get one of Campbell's favorite activities- jumping in muddy puddles. Now every time it starts to rain, Campbell yells, "My boots!" She then proceeds to find her boots, put them on and head to the door. When we get outside, well . . .