Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Campbell's big Announcement

I'm sure you've noticed the changes around here, including the new ticker. Which means I'm sure you've figured out (in case you didn't already know) we are expecting a new baby this October. Don't worry, we didn't just spring it on everyone via ticker. We tried to tell as many family and friends in person as possible and for those for whom an in person announcement wasn't a possibility, we sent these:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2-year well check

We took Campbell to the doctor this morning for her 2-year well check. Things she hated: being weighed and measured. Things she (oddly) didn't mind- having her eyes, ears, heart and lungs checked. Odd child.

We did have to wake her up to get her ready and to the appointment on time, so that may have had something to do with her foul mood at the beginning of the appointment. Luckily, the nurse is really sweet and just talked to her about her Elmo doll, which made Campbell love her. By the time she was leaving the room, Campbell held out her Elmo dr. kit (I thought it might help her get through the exam without screaming) and said, "Look, doctor." Cu-uute.

We found out that our girl is tall- 36"! That's 3 whole feet, y'all, and almost the 95th percentile. She weighed 29 lbs 14 oz (just below the 90th percentile). She's only gained a few ounces since her sick visit for a cold at the end of March, but the doctor said that's normal and ok (particularly since she's obviously not having issues with her weight).

She didn't have to get any shots today- Hep A booster was on the schedule, but the doctor told us that our old pedi in Austin hadn't sent over C's shot records (even though I gave them all the info in March and they requested them). She didn't want to give her an extra dose since some practices give it at 18 months and said that we can just do it at her 3-year well check if she hasn't had it. Thankfully, the nurse found her shot records and let us know that they had them as we were walking out. It's crazy to think that, other than sick visits, Campbell won't need another appointment for an entire year.

She's doing well on her milestones- we had to fill out a questionnaire, asking her to do different things like point to body parts, name pictures of animals, etc. She did pretty well, she can't jump yet, but we're not worried about that.

All in all, it was a good check-up, although Campbell did display some "typical 2-year old behavior" at the beginning. :)