Monday, February 28, 2011

Problem Solver

As we are getting settled into our new house and our new city (and umm, state) we are learning a lot of things. One of the things we learned about is the gum tree.

This is a gum tree:

We have many gum trees in our yard. They're nice enough, eh? Tall, should provide shade during the summer. What's the problem? Well, look a little closer. You see those balls on the trees? Up close, they look like this:

Our neighbor calls them gumballs, so that's what we're going with. They are about an inch in diameter and they are covered in pointy spines. Oh, and they are all. over. our. yard. See?

In our over-the-fence neighbor conversation (a la Wilson on Home Improvement, except the fence isn't tall enough to block out anyone's face) we were told that really the only way to get them out of your yard is to pick them up by hand. They are too hard to mow them (even with a mulching mower) and they clog up any kind of leaf vacuum. Well, lucky for us our daughter is a genius because later in the day, I saw this in the backyard:

 Problem solved. ;) (Oh, and this answers the question I asked on FB a few months ago about why toy vacuums don't actually vacuum. It's because toddlers will try to vacuum up anything they can see and it would jam in about .58 seconds).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chef Campbell

Woo, long break there. I do have a good explanation for my absence. We moved to a new state! We're getting settled here in Louisiana but are definitely missing Texas (not too much though since we were just there for a visit last weekend). Now that things are calming down a bit, I'm getting back on the blogging bandwagon.

For a while now I've been having trouble getting C to eat breakfast. She used to eat scrambled eggs almost every day, but all of a sudden, started refusing them. I tried oatmeal, toast, fruit, yogurt, cold cereal, and didn't have much success with anything other than pancakes (and I just cannot make pancakes every morning!) While we were visiting, my sister had Campbell help her scramble some eggs one morning. C loved it and she ended up eating a good portion. Since we've been home, she has helped me with breakfast every morning (well, the 2 that we've been back). Thursday we made eggs again and today we made biscuits. She loved helping with the biscuits, although she didn't want to touch the dough with her hands (she made me get her wooden spoon back out and she mashed it down with that).

Here is a picture of our masterpieces:

I also tried to take a picture of C enjoying a biscuit, but whenever she sees the camera lately, she reaches for it and says "cheese!" because she wants to take pictures. This was the best I could do: