Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I hate potty training. Campbell has used the potty at least once a day since we got home from Texas (and was using it sporadically before that) so we decided to take the plunge and try out the 3 day potty training method. Ugh, it is not going well. We're on day 2 (and she's down for a nap right now- in a diaper- I'm not messing with changing sheets all the time so naptime and nighttime will wait) and we have been through so many pairs of panties. My mom told me 1) to keep a mop handy (thanks, mom!) and 2) that they did the same thing with me and on the 2nd night, my dad was D-O-N-E, done, but the next day I had it. I'm hoping and praying that is just how we do it in our family. Thankfully Z is off tomorrow, so he can help.

2. Some of Campbell's favorite toys right now are bath crayons. Usually she just colors in the bath, but last night she got in there before the water was run and just went to town. She was naked anyway (I gave up on the panties all together around 5:30 pm) and spent a good 30 minutes in there just drawing away.

3. At one point, Z asked her what she was writing, and she responded with her full name. Neither of us even knew that she knew her full name! Here she is saying it again.


4. Campbell has a friend named Amira. They haven't seen each other in a while, but they had fun playing at brunch on Sunday.

5. The new baby is doing well. Kicking up a storm, usually between 11:30 and midnight (yay). I am already having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, so that really makes the next 15 weeks seem like a long time.

6. While 15 weeks sounds like a long time to sleep poorly, it does not sound like a long time when it is the amount of time until we have another baby. Wow, we still have so much to do, it's not even funny.

7. We took Campbell to see fireworks in a small town nearby on the 3rd and then to the fireworks over the Mississippi on the 4th. She loved them. I thought they needed more Sousa and less pop/country music. :)

8. We made grilled pizza for the first time on Saturday (and, if I'm being totally honest, for the 2nd time on Sunday). It is the best thing ever. I would eat it every night if I could. Campbell liked helping with the dough.

9. One of Campbell's birthday gifts from us was an easel. She loves painting on it (and insists on wearing her smock even when she is just using the dry erase board or chalkboard- love that kid).

10. Campbell will be 25 months old tomorrow. Holy cow!

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