Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

It seems that I took a brief (unintended) hiatus from blogging. I kept meaning to write entries on activities that we were doing, but I guess the doing took time from the writing about doing. :) I'm going to try to catch up with today's entry and post some pictures that I've been meaning to for a long time.

1. In mid-October we visited a Pumpkin Patch with some of Campbell's buddies. The kids had a great time climbing all over this yellow thing, playing ladder golf, going on a hay ride, playing tether ball and hunting for mini-pumpkins. Campbell didn't really want to sit still to have her picture taken with the big pumpkins though.

2. October also brought Campbell's first trip to the zoo. She loved all the animals and even got up the courage to feed one of the goats before we left. I think she liked chasing the chickens best, though.

3. We decided that Campbell was still a little young for trick-or-treating this year, but she got to show off her costume at a party. She learned to meow just in time and I think it really added that certain something to her costume. However, we are in Texas and it got hot, so she changed into her tutu half-way through the party.

4.  What fall season would be complete without a trip to Wurstfest? Z and I actually went twice- once on opening night and once on the last day. Campbell accompanied us on the 2nd trip and sampled several yummy treats (disclaimer- this is not indicative of what she is fed on a daily basis. It was Wurstfest, people. That is like Thanksgiving for those of us who are of German descent). She tried (and loved) some sausage (of course), German potato salad, fried onion, fried pickles, and yes, even a fried oreo. And she's still alive several weeks later. So there.

5. We had the privilege of celebrating along with our good friends Levi and Diana at their rehearsal dinner and wedding on November 11 and 12. Campbell was all about the dogs at the RD and all about the sunflowers at the reception. She didn't do so well during the mass though. She and I spent a lot of time in the narthex and outside (Z was in the wedding so he couldn't help out with her).

6. Last October, Z's brother gave him a ticket to the U2 concert and in exchange, he agreed to help our nieces clean out their play room. During the clean out, he packed up several toys for Campbell and brought them home. We gave her the toys that were age-appropriate and boxed everything else up. On Sunday Z was in the attic anyway so I asked him to bring the boxes down. I don't think I remembered what a great stash Campbell had just waiting for her. There were 4 Little People sets, a Weebles set and numerous other toys. She loves them and has been spending hours playing with them this week. She didn't even want to go to bed on Sunday night. So, huge thanks to Uncle D and Aunt R as well as her cousins A and A.

7. Campbell has been working on using utensils while eating lately. We started this more because she was showing an interest in them and not because I was at all eager to do so. She is so good at feeding herself with her hands that I was just planning on letting her do it until she went to college kindergarten. Kidding, kidding. It's a very messy process, but she is so excited when she actually gets food in her mouth.

8. Z and I have started running again. Campbell is a trooper and I think she enjoys our jaunts around the neighborhood (as would I, if I were completing them in the comfort of a stroller). Z is usually pushing her and I do have to say it is some wonderful motivation to see her clapping when I run alongside them. We are doing the Turkey Trot on Thursday (which means I won't feel guilty about Thanksgiving dinner- yay!) and are signed up to do the full (Z) and half (me) Austin marathon in February. Yikes.

9. The dress that Campbell is wearing in the wedding pictures (yellow, smocked) is one from when I was a baby. My mom saved several of my dresses and gave them to us when Campbell was born. I have to say I love being able to dress her in them and to know that maybe, one day my granddaughters can wear them as well.

10. I've been itching to decorate for Christmas this year, but I've held off. Z did get the decorations out of the attic when he was up there on Sunday but nothing has come out of the box. I would claim that I am merely "respecting the turkey", but really I am just nervous about what happens when you have mix a toddler with a Christmas tree. I might take the plunge this weekend since Z will be off Thursday-Sunday (yay) so y'all wish me luck!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Remember this?

This was the adorableness that graced our Christmas cards last year. Ahhh . . . how easy it was then. Just plop her down in some Christmas lights and start shooting, the joys of an immobile baby. The lights are fun to look at, she couldn't move even if she wanted to and we just happened to capture that exact moment of angelic wonder (or maybe of "WTF are you doing, Mom?"- but I'm going with angelic wonder) that made her look like she was singing.

I am not laboring under the delusion that it would be that easy this year. You know, with a toddler who goes a mile a minute if she's going at all, who generally only smiles for the camera if we say cheese and then she repeats it, gives a huge grin and . . . lifts her head up in the air so you can only see her chin.

Exhibit A:

This year, we needed help, so we called in reinforcements. Namely, Santa and Shutterfly. We made an early visit to Santa's workshop (ie- Barton Creek Mall) to try to get some material for this year's cards. Awesome decision- no line at all (seriously- if you want to go, go now! The lady said that they get uber busy after Thanksgiving), they took about 15 shots and Santa is awesome. He actually got Campbell to smile and she didn't throw a fit at all while sitting on his lap (this is a big accomplishment, especially since when I first brought her up to him, it seemed as though a fit was imminent). We picked our favorites, had them printed on a CD and were on our way. All in all, it took maybe 10 minutes (probably closer to 5).

Now the only problem is what to do with said pictures. Enter Shutterfly. Seriously, this is the place to go for Christmas cards. They have tons of designs in all ranges of styles and- get this- they'll even stamp, address and send the cards for you! Being the mom of a busy toddler during the holiday season makes this a very valuable service! The only problem now is deciding on a design. Do we go with the simple look, super cute, or a more elegant look? I guess you'll just have to wait until you get our card to find out!

PS- Want to order some of your own cards from Shutterfly and get a great deal? Go here to find out about 50 free (yes, FREE!) cards for bloggers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words on Wednesday

I keep meaning to make a list of all the words that Campbell can say, but I just haven't sat down with pen and paper to do it. I figured that I may as well post it here so that in 15 years, she can come back to see it. :) These are in no particular order (and Mom, feel free to let me know if I forgot any). :)

Daddy (and she's sure to pronounce both syllables- Dad-DY)
hot (which can mean either food or hot)
bee-bo (belly button)
Beau (our dog)
Happy (other dog- she just started saying this today- before that she called them both Beau)
no (said very emphatically and usually 5-6 times in response to my questions)
Elmo (which, at first, sounded a lot like Mama and melted my heart, until I realized she was saying Elmo. Hmph.)
tick tock
cookie (animal cracker, actually)
baby (which sounds like baa-boo- too funny.)

Animal Sounds
chicken- cluck, cluck
cat- meow
dog- ruff ruff
sheep- baa baa
duck- quack
She sometimes does a rooster (cock-a-doodle doo) and a donkey (hee haw- this is hilarious) but I'm not sure if she actually knows them or is just mimicking. She also thinks a cow says baa baa- I'm not sure what to say about that.