Friday, May 28, 2010

Five on Friday!

Ugh, sorry for the temporary (and unintended) blog break. Here is my attempt to catch up.

1. We had a little "brew-be-que" at the house on Sunday. I got Z beer-brewing equipment for his birthday last year and it was time to make another batch. So, we invited some folks over for hamburgers, bratwurst and brewing. Oh, and what essentially was a daycare in the living room since I think we had 7 children under a year old in attendance. Things sure have changed in the last year!

Here are Campbell and her cousin, Carter, checking out the dogs: (BTW- can I just say that Carter's parents are rockstars? They are much more experienced than we are with beer making- like 10 years more experienced and are always willing to share their expertise when we make a batch).

2. Campbell and I went with Grammie and Aunt Amy to visit Aunt Barbara, our cousin John, his daughter Sam and her cousin, Brett on Monday. John is a power-lifter who might as well be a personal trainer and was sweet enough to show Amy and I some moves while my mom and aunt watched the kiddos. After we finished our work-out, we took a dip in the pool. It was a little overcast and Campbell was fine as long as I held her in the pool, but once I tried to put her in the baby float, we had a full blown freak out. I think the water was just too cold. We will try again when it's in the triple digits. The water will feel much better then.

3. We did a "photo shoot" on Tuesday to get some pictures for Campbell's birthday invitations (no minute like the last minute, huh?) Here is a teaser. It's not the one we used on her invitation, but it was a close runner-up.

Surprisingly, she didn't really care that much about the cake. She played in it for a few minutes, took maybe 3 bites, and then was off to bigger and better things.

4. The 3 of us had a family picnic at Zilker park on Wednesday, since Z was off work. We rode the train, ate our lunch and then played on the playscape a bit. It was a nice day, but definitely hot.

5. Our family's physician retired this week. When I say "family physician", I really mean it. He was my mom's, dad's, and sister's doctor, as well as Z's and mine. My mom has been seeing him since roughly 1967 so he has over 40 years of experience with us. Campbell and I went with my mom to his retirement party yesterday and it was really sad knowing that he won't be our doctor anymore. It was nice to have someone who knew our history and always asked how my mom and dad were doing. But, if anyone knows of a great GP on the south side, let me know because we are definitely on the look-out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Five on Friday!

1. Sunday was Mother's Day (duh). We got up early (I actually had to wake Campbell up) and met Grammie at church. We went out to breakfast after that. My mom had a very specific gift request this year- she wanted help with "The List" (I tried to describe "The List" in this bullet point, but it grew too large. See # 2 for a description of "The List"). We then came home and Zach cooked salmon, salad and rice. It was delicious.

2. "The List" is a 32478923472-item-long list of things that she needs to do, most of which are related to my Dad's passing. There is everything from taking clothes to the cleaners to filling out insurance forms to writing thank you notes on "The List" and I think at this point, it's 4-5 pages long. I also think it's cursed because you will choose something off the list that looks simple, start it and then realize that it is impossible to complete without doing at least 5 other things first. We actually did get a lot accomplished and were able to totally scratch off a few things (rather than doing a half cross out/ write in new task over old task, like we had been doing). Campbell tried to rip up the list on Sunday as a Mother's Day present for Grammie, but alas, it was rescued and taped back together.

3. We ate lunch at Chedd's last Thursday on Z's day off an took C to play in the sprinklers at the Triangle. She was hesitant at first, but she got into it after a bit. The pictures on Wordless Wednesday were from that day. I was honestly shocked by how long it took her to be ok in the water, since she absolutely loves baths.

4. Campbell has now reached the stage where she wants everything she wants and she wants it yesterday. And she growls at us if she doesn't get it. It's  . . . awesome. No. Really. Awesome. Sigh.

5. Campbell has learned how to drink from a cup. Yesterday I had my cup of water on the ottoman. She spotted it from her music table, cruised over to it, picked it up with both hands and began to take small sips. I was so impressed that I grabbed my phone and tried to take video. Around that time, she was finished with her drink and dropped the rest of the cup (still 1/2 full) on the floor. So, drinking out of a cup- check. Setting cup back down gingerly- not check.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

11 Months!

Holy Cow. The big 1-1. My baby girl will be 1 in a month! Crazy! She is extremely active now- crawling like a maniac (mostly chasing the dogs and the cat), pulling up on anything that will hold her (and some things that won't- no, the cardboard box is not a good choice for something that needs to hold your weight, Campbell) and cruising all around the house. She let go while she was standing up the other day, but grabbed the ottoman again when she noticed that she was unsupported.

She babbles all day long and I am sure that she knows "kid-dee" (but uses it to name any animal- In fact, my mom said "Let's go look at the kitties" when we were at lunch a few weeks ago and took Campbell over to the lobster tank. I'm sure people thought she was crazy.) :) I think she also knows what "Da-da" means, which is totally unfair.

I realized that I need to get on the ball with planning her birthday party since it is one month from today! The only thing I've chosen is the them. Of course, it had to be her favorite thing (other than remote controls and iPhones)- Kitties!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday and Happy Birthday Nathan!

Hard to believe that this little guy is one today (and has been a big brother for 10 days!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We have discovered that we have a pretty strict disciplinarian in our household. No, it's not me or Zach. The ruler with the iron fist is none other than sweet Campbell.

A few weeks ago, she started "talking" in a deep, growly voice. At first we thought she was saying "Barbara, Barbara" in the demon voice. It was pretty funny. But then I noticed that she was shaking her finger when she growled and finally, one day after chastising the dogs for something, it dawned on me- she was saying (or rather mimicking us saying) "bad boy, bad boy" to the dogs. Now I've seen it over and over. Last week, Happy was playing and got a little overzealous (imagine that) and accidentally knocked Campbell on her rear. I started telling him "Bad boy" and instead of crying, Campbell crawled over to him, got up on her knees, shook that little finger and chanted "bad boy, bad boy."

Now that we know what she's doing, I have to admit that the dogs are being chastised a bit more than usual. It is just too funny to see her sweet self being "strict" with them.