Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's not sticking at all, but it looks beautiful falling! video

Saturday, February 20, 2010

8 months!

I can't believe that Campbell is already 2/3 of a year old! Crazy. She is getting more and more of a personality every day. She is starting to pull up on things, can stand (if she's holding on to something) for several seconds and has made it up onto all 4's although she still hasn't done a traditional crawl. However, she can move from one side of the living room to the other through a series of rolls, army crawling and scooting so I deem her officially mobile ( I guess that means it's time to start baby-proofing).

Since last month she's tried mangoes, zucchini, blueberries, yogurt, kiwi and chicken. She gives it all a thumbs up except for maybe the chicken. She just tried that yesterday and seemed to like it but then she started spitting out pieces. A new talent! What fun!

She's also waking up from a nap right now so I'll leave you with some pictures.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on (Fat) Tuesday

1. Yes, I know, the ticker is telling me that I am, yet again, behind on Campbell's month-day post. I'm working on it.

2. Part of the reason there hasn't been an 8-month post is because there hasn't been an 8-month photo shoot. Zach has the morning off tomorrow, so that will be his chore.

3. Beau (doxie #1) has an ear infection. :( He has to take an oral antibiotic and 2 different types of ear drops for 10 days. He looks miserable.

4. I feel guilty for saying it, but I am glad that Beau has the ear infection and not Campbell. ::knocks fervently on wood::

5. We are, yet again, obsessed with the Olympics. Zach thinks he is a very knowledgeable figure skating judge. (LOL!)

6. Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll! Today is Mardi Gras!)

7. Campbell was babysat by her Aunt Amy on Sunday night while Zach and I went out for a nice Valentine's Day dinner. I think that she needs to spend more time with people who are not Mommy and Daddy because she is starting to display some major separation anxiety/ "stranger" danger. sigh.

8. Campbell tried kiwi this morning for the first time. She loved it. The funny thing was I was so concerned about the seeds in the puree. I mean, they are unavoidable because they are everywhere but I was just so worried about her eating them. I realized how silly it was to worry about the miniscule kiwi seeds when she was eating Cheerios later today.

9. I am so paranoid that I just googled "Are kiwi seeds edible" to make sure that I wouldn't have 20 comments saying "ZOMG! You let your kid eat kiwi seeds? Don't you know they are poisonous?!?!?"

10. Speaking of comments, I was told that some of you haven't been able to leave them (which I am sure is the reason for lack of comments, not the fact that I am boring and you have nothing to say or that nobody is reading) so I changed the settings. You do need a google account to leave a comment but other than that, they should be good to go. Please let me know if you keep having problems (Eby!)

If you read all that, here is a reward! This is Campbell playing last week. :) 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

This is Campbell exactly 6 months ago to the day. Where did that teeny baby go?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 Random Tidbits since I'm trying to blog more but don't have the energy for a full entry today.

1. Campbell learned to blow raspberries today. It is possibly the funniest talent she has.

2. She showed off her new talent when we visited my parents and sister this afternoon. 4 adults and 1 baby all blowing raspberries and laughing. I wish I had video.

3. I love that we've had parties the last 2 Sundays (Baptismal brunch and then Super Bowl party) because we have leftovers so that means delicious food and no cooking for a few days.

4. I may be slightly addicted to Words with Friends on the iPhone (I'm txbabs111- play me!)

5. I ordered the most adorable photo Valentines and picked them up today. Thankfully I showed them to Zach and he pointed out that I spelled Campbell's name wrong on them (Campell). Major Mommy fail. Thankfully Costco has great prices on photo cards so ordering the 2nd set didn't hurt my wallet nearly as much as it hurt my pride.

6. I really hope that it snows on Thursday and enough sticks so that I can get some good pictures of Campbell that actually look like "Baby's first snow!!" pictures rather than "Why are you taking pictures of your baby in the yard?" pictures.

7. I realize that it technically snowed in December, but if you can't see it in a picture, I don't count it.

8. Campbell was so sleepy this morning that she was only up for about 40 minutes before she went down for a nap. Zach put her in her crib and she was asleep without a peep. She was in a much better mood when she woke up the 2nd time.

9. I am in denial that my baby girl will be 8 months old on Saturday! I am already starting to think of ideas for her 1st birthday party.

10. Campbell has started to get up on all 4s and rock. I am excited and scared all at once. She seems to feel the same way. She gets up there, gives a huge grin and then starts semi-crying, seeming to say "I don't know about this, mommy!" She'll get it soon enough and I'll be wishing for the days when I could put her down and she'd stay in one place.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Job

There are days where it's easy to forget what a wonderful job I have as a stay-at-home-mom. Days where there are no naps taken and what feels like gallons of spit-up that end up on my shirt, on my pants, in my hair, on my face. Days where I don't get a shower until C is in bed or realize at 3:00 pm that I haven't brushed my teeth yet (rest assured, those things only happen on days that we don't venture out of the house). But then there are moments like this one today that I am so grateful and thankful that I have the opportunity to spend each and every day with this happy little face.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Campbell experienced her first Super Bowl tonight. We had a few friends over for snacks and hurricanes (oy) and baby girl got a custom-made onesie since I couldn't find one I liked online. She was a little worried about the Saints' performance at first, see:

She even tried to change the channel at one point:

But then she was all "OMG, did you see that on-side kick?"

 And she was super excited when the Boys from NOLA pulled out a win:


Ok, ok, so I took all of these before the game actually started. But hey, her bedtime starts at 6:15 and she was asleep before the 2nd half even started. We'll call it a "based on a true story" blog entry rather than a documentary. You all just showed up for the cute pictures anyway. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Campbell's Dark Side

Now, generally this blog is full of darling pictures, funny videos and adorable anecdotes about my beautiful, precocious genius child. After all, it's mostly for family (Hi Mom!) and what does Grammie want to hear/ see other than tales of her little prodigy nomming on carrots, playing with the dog and generally looking cute as a button.

But today I'm here to tell you all that Campbell does indeed have a dark side. She's not always sunshine and roses. Today she proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was bath time and we were having so much fun, playing with toys, laughing at Georgia, splashing the water when all of a sudden, I noticed something was amiss. "Hmm", I thought, "what is that floating in the water?" All of a sudden it hit me and even though it was only Campbell and I at home I think I literally yelled "Code BROWN! We have a code brown people!"

Yes, it was the dreaded "code brown" aka poo in the bathtub. I have heard about this happening to other babies but never to my dear, sweet Campbell. She knows better than that. She, my friends, is a lady. Well, apparently not because not only did she complete the code brown maneuver, she proceeded to laugh wildly while Mommy snatched her out of the tub and stood there wondering what to do. Thankfully Z was on his way home so I jumped into the shower with her to clean her off and by the time she was soaped and rinsed he was home so I could hand her off to him for drying/ jammy-ing.

Having cleaned the babe, it was time to face the tub. ::shudder:: I first tried to lift the inflatable baby tub and dump the *ahem* contents into the toilet. No dice, as it was too heavy with all the water in it. So, I poured off enough water and then I flushed the rest. Now the big bathtub and baby tub are filled with bleach water and her poor, defenseless toys (who never even saw the attack coming) are along for the sanitizing. Now let's just all hope that it's (cough, cough) out of her system so we don't have any more code brown experiences.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Campbell's First Piano Lesson


Well Miss Campbell is officially Baptized. We had her Baptism at our Church on Sunday the 31st. It was very nice, and to make it even more special, she had a ton of family show up from all over to support her. Joey took some really good pictures and we definitely appreciate it!

After the service we had a delicious brunch that Barbara and her Mom prepared. Her Aunts Barbara and Edith also brought some good home cooked Orange Rolls and Potato Casserole.
There was more food than we could eat, so we are eating Butter Croissants with every meal this week. We have enough to actually throw a Superbowl Party next Sunday without buying much :)
We really appreciate family coming from Georgetown, Cedar Park, and the Metroplex, even Kris and Kristin visited.

Amy went over to the Piano with Campbell Hope and started teaching her how to play. It was so cute I just had to catch it on my new iVideo app that I bought for .99 thanks to Luke and Joey.
There are a million good pics from the weekend, (the Leonards are crazy shutterbugs) but I will just post a few of my favorites.