Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Campbell's First Christmas!

Campbell got to celebrate her first Christmas on Friday. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more- us or her. I haven't been so excited for Christmas morning since I was a kid. I was kind of expecting the day to be bittersweet because my dad was admitted to the hospital on Monday morning, but we got the best present of all and he was released on Christmas Eve so we got to spend Christmas at Grammie and Papaw's house.

Campbell was incredibly spoiled by everyone. She had so many toys at our house that we had to take a break during present opening. (I blame Santa!) At my parents' house she played with some of her new toys on the living room floor, tried avocado for the first time (she gives it a thumbs up!), opened more gifts, and hung out on Papaw's lap, admiring his afghan (she loves that thing!)

All in all, I'd say it was one of the best, if not the best Christmas ever. :)


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Campbell is 6 months (err, and 1 week) old

Alternate title: "I now understand why there are very few pictures of subsequent children". Hrmm, so, remember the days when I would post about Campbell's monthday on her actual monthday? Ahh, it wasn't so long ago. Now we've gotten so busy that here I am, a week later with pictures not even uploaded. In our defense, we did take the pictures a week ago, but there have been house guests, Christmas shopping, last minute-trips to Dallas and, you know, actual child-rearing to be done.

But I digress. Campbell is 6 months (and 1 week) old! She is officially an independent sitter now. That has been a really nice development as she can now sit and play independently for a few minutes while I cook dinner, clean up the kitchen, feed the dogs, etc. She would play for a bit on her back if she was in a good mood but it would never last for very long. Yesterday she sat and played with her toys for 30 minutes while we listened to Christmas music and I cleaned the living and dining rooms. She's also developing much more personality. She's a pretty funny little girl and she is so much more observant now. In the last month she's noticed that we have animals in the house and she wants to pet them all the time (she also wants to eat Georgia, but she tries to put so many things in her mouth these days that I'm not that worried about it). The only thing to watch for is Happy trying to give kisses when Campbell is sitting on the floor because she is the only person who opens her mouth wide when he does that.

We're really looking forward to Christmas with this sweet little girl. I know she'll probably enjoy the wrapping paper more than any of her (multitude) of gifts, but that's ok. It's only her first Christmas once, right?

And here are the freshly uploaded pictures. Enjoy!

You talkin' to me?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping like a . . . well, you know.

Honestly, whoever came up with the term "sleeping like a baby" must not have known very many babies. Maybe they were referring to newborns because I remember the first day in the hospital with Campbell. We had a ton of commotion- visitors, doctors, nurses, newbie parents and she slept through it all. We had to strip her down to get her to stay awake long enough to eat.

After we got home, we settled into a routine and thankfully she didn't have a lot of day/ night confusion like some babies do. She was up every 3-4 hours to eat and night and went back down easily. We started a bedtime routine early on and I thought it was so easy- bath, lotion, jammies, book, then nurse to sleep. Yes, you read that right, I didn't know any better, ok? Remember the part up there about newbie parents? Well, nobody told me that if they fall asleep eating when they're little, they'll want to still do that when they get bigger, only it gets harder. Now it goes something like this: bath, lotion, jammies (singing during this part so there is no screaming- her personal faves are "My Favorite Things" and a few old ADPi jams), then nurse until asleep, rock for at least 10 more minutes to make sure she's really out, carefully stand, walk to the crib (swaying all the way there), stand at crib for 5 minutes while getting hands and puffer (pacifier) situated, and gently lay down while still swaying. Then, as soon as her head hits the mattress, those eyes pop open, she pulls out the puffer and grins, while saying "Mom, you're such a sucker, you didn't actually think that would work, did you?" in gurgle-speak. Then it's back to rocking.

Usually she'll go down the 2nd or 3rd time and thankfully, she's out for the night, so people always say "you can't complain if she sleeps through the night." Well, it took 6 hours to get her down on Monday, so I think I can complain just a little. Add to that the fact that this is usually a solo act because Z doesn't get home until after bedtime most nights.

Now though, I have a new helper, the seahorse.  Because I swear to you, last night after she woke up in her crib, I turned him on, kissed her goodnight and walked out to feed the cat (who was scratching and meowing at the door, making for a very relaxing sleep environment) and the dogs. I expected to be back in 2-3 minutes, but the Seahorse sang all its songs and only then did Campbell start to fuss. I went in and turned it back on and that was all she wrote. She was out.

Fast-forward an hour and a half and Zach is home- being the good wife that I am, I start dinner. I was in the living room, thinking that the spaghetti sure did smell like it was burning when I decided to see if anything was wrong. Good thing I went to investigate because there was a fire! Zach had put the bacon cooker a little too close to the stove and I hadn't noticed that it was dirty (read: full of grease). Thankfully, I put it out before it became a major fire, but after it created some impressive smoke. You see where I'm going here, don't you. I opened the door to disperse said smoke, but it was too late. The smoke alarm in the living room went off, followed shortly by the alarm in the front hall, which is right outside of Campbell's room.

I had to find our ladder, work up the courage to climb the ladder, and then try to figure out how to turn off the alarm. I never actually did though, but it turned off by itself a few minutes later. I climbed down and braced myself, listening for the inevitable cry. But it never came. Zach got home and found me in the front hall under a ladder and behind me a smoky-smelling living room/ kitchen with open door. By this point, I was certain that Campbell had somehow died from smoke inhalation and that was why she wasn't crying. I crept into her room to find her sleeping peacefully, hands at her face just like she did in the belly. I have no idea how that was possible, but I assume that the seahorse just whispered sweet nothings into her ear to put her back to sleep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Probably the only year

that she won't be screaming or listing all the things her little heart desires. Campbell met Santa today. While it was definitely a rite of passage, to be honest, it wasn't very eventful. Wait 15 minutes in line, watch the little boy in front of us scream his head off (poor guy), choose our package and hand baby over to strange old man (not that he was strange, just, you know, a stranger), watch "Elf" act like an idiot in an effort to get baby to look at camera, reclaim baby and shell out some dough. Oh well, at least the pictures are cute.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cereal Killer

At Campbell's 4 month well check, her pediatrician said we could wait until 6 months to start her on solids "if we could make it that long". Well, I took that as a challenge and was determined to wait until 6 months on the dot. Fast forward a month and a half and she's staring me down while I eat my morning oatmeal. Then she starts moving her mouth like she's chewing and throws in some puppy dog eyes, just for good measure. Hmm, it seems as though you are interested in trying solids, eh? That coupled with the amount of time we were spending daily on feeding and I gave in a few weeks shy of our goal.

We made the decision on a Sunday and I had to pick up a gift I'd ordered anyway, so I headed out to Wal-Mart (alone! gasp!) and picked up some rice cereal (organic because, you know, the baby needs to eat better than we do), bowls and spoons. Headed home, strapped her into her high chair and mixed up the gruel delicious-looking gourmet meal.

After we were able to tear her away from sucking on the high chair straps, she got very excited about eating "big people food". She shook her head and started breathing fast and continually grabbing for the spoon. However, since we were in the dining room and I didn't feel like scrubbing rice cereal out of the carpets (and wanted to ensure that she got at least a little into her actual mouth),  mean old Mommy and Daddy stayed in control of the spoon.

She did pretty well but her tongue didn't quite get the "allow things to stay in your mouth" memo and she ended up wearing a lot of the cereal (thank you for bibs). She has tried cereal a few more times and seems to be getting the hang of it. She looooooves it. She also tried sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving (that Mommy baked just for her) and those were even better than the cereal (shocker).

I think we'll stick with those until her next Dr's appointment, but I think all 3 of us are excited to introduce new foods over the next few months.

Mmmm, solid foods are delicious. What? This isn't what I'm supposed to be eating?

First bite.

Hmmm, what do I think of it?

Needs salt.

More please.

See, I know how it works.